Can you earn points with private jets ?

Yes! you can earn points as often traveler and occasional traveler ,every club member  benefits access to their own personal ,just subscribe and get your jet club member

Photoshoot or video is allowed on a private  jet? 

Of course the jet can be used for music recording, wedding, team building, for instagram profil   and for many  reason  of photoshoot.

Some people would do anything for a wedding ,some private jet companies  seem to have many request for this kind of services, one  of most populaire of them is a Russian jet companies.

Duration and rate ? 

The charge depend for the objectif f you request  of purpose of the request. 
minimum  2hours duration for some companies ,it's can cost more dan €300 and up to €400  video.

Why should CEO or business people need private jet? 

private Jet is really a time machine can save a lot of time  and they can be in touch  with their offices and use their telephones and computer during a trip.

Well ''Instead of being out of a touch, they can be productive, "Baugniet  Said.

He gave an example of a business trip he took a year ago from Savannah to Geneva on a commercial airline.

"First thing I had to do was get to the airport an hour and a half before I leave, then flew to Atlanta, wait for three hours for a connecting flight, which took me to Paris and then I took a flight from Paris to Geneva. Twenty-three hours later, I got to the hotel," he said.

He caught a ride home on a demonstration plane that had been in Geneva for a trade show, "and nine hours after I left Geneva I was at my desk working, and my luggage was with me," he said.


That why business people need  private jets ,offices in the sky ,time machine the combination of  those makes private jet valuable business tools:

it's really time saving  your passport and customers  formalities will be completed by ground personnel quickly.

Plus you have privacy, comfort, flexibility, networking opportunities.


Imagine your are  on your leisure trip a very serious accident happens to you ,but you must be medical evacuated  and repatriated  to your home country to receive immediately  care when is recommended by a physician. But repatriation  can be a complicated process with an commercial aircraft.  

Imagine a factory goes down and the technical engineer needed to bring the factory back online is a day's travel away by commercial airline, but only 3 hours by private jet.  The factory is losing €10M every day that it is shut down. 

Imagine a doctor who drives on the road to operate and see patients at his 5 clinics worldwide.  He is burnt out and cannot grow his business because of the vast amounts of travel time, overnights in hotels, etc. He buys an aircraft, and is able to see more patients, double his number of clinics, and feels less burnt out because he is at home every night.

These are real scenarios.

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