Airport lounge pass access

With access to airport lounges you will have, the VIP treatment may actually be cheaper than a pit stop at Pret. And although Wi-Fi is complimentary at many airports now, free internet access – plus, at some airports, access to showers – can be a godsend for travellers. What’s more, airport lounges offer a welcome respite from the busy terminal and an opportunity to avoid the constant feeling of being sold to.

 For occasional flier’s 

 probably best pre-booking one-off passes through Dragon Pass  or Executive Lounges . Lounge Pass, a division of Priority Pass, also offers one-off access  has 400 lounges on its books. 

For frequent flier's

  The Standard Plus membership from Priority Pass is likely to suit travellers who find themselves at airports less than 20 times per year.

 For very frequent fliers 

 The annually  Prestige membership from Priority Pass is probably the best option for very frequent global fliers, offering as it does unlimited access to more than 1,000 lounges.Those flying very frequently in Northern Europe, with a guest, may be best  membership through Executive Lounges by Swissport, which provides unlimited access to dozens of lounges for the card holder and a guest.
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