About me

Mignonne Ha your private jet sales and personalised

I'm a sales  professional  and private  jets ambassador  worldwide  work in aviation industry really passionate i'am  based to Luxembourg and Belgium

In the aviation industry, you should know its a highly regulated industry as it should be, but it’s also incredibly broad with various work opportunities.

When I tell people I'am working in the  aviation industry :the ask ,are you a pilot or flight attendant?

No, I' am a ticketing agent this person would calculate miles for  your tickets, electronic miscellaneous document associated and dissociated ,up -date  the Queues etc.

There is many people how work on the ground at the airport ,stock supplies , check -in agent etc.

Let me tell you  how and were at  airport  you can found the excellent medical air charter , expert  staff and  and some of the best pilot.

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